– Company holding the permit no. 272/02.12.2010, revised on 18.02.2013 and valid until 02.12.2020.

– It has the following technologies:

Line treatment fluorescent lamps is designed for processing straight fluorescent lamps behind the glass processing resulting fractions contaminated with metals or glass – led.

Line shredding gas discharge lamps is safe to treat mercury vapor lamps, sodium vapor lamps. Fractions resulting from this process are: glass, plastic sockets and electrical components, ferrous materials, fluorescent powder.

Processor gas discharge lamps hepls ​​to reduce the volume and disassembly and isolation components containing mercury. In this process we obtain the following three fractions: glass, burner and base.

Higher distiller is designed to recover the mercury from: fluorescent powder collected from fluorescent lamps and mercury vapor lamps, high intensity discharge lamps.

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